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Who is Eligible for Free Boiler Replacement?


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Since heating your home costs a lot of money, it can be hard if you don’t have much money or a budget. With a free boiler grant, you can get rid of your old, poor heating system and save money on your home heating costs.

Basically, the ECO4 scheme helps those low-income households by offering a new, more energy-efficient boiler for free. This could help them save over £300 a year.

What does the Free Boiler Grant mean?

Leading energy companies install approved customers’ new boilers under the government’s boiler grant. Under the Government ECO4 Scheme, the “Big Six” energy companies offer deals that let people get a new boiler for free.

UK landlords and some renters can apply for grants under the scheme. As part of the ECO4 grant scheme, a new central heating system with a boiler, radiators, pipes, and control panels will be installed.

Under the current plan, boilers that were installed before 2005 can get free replacement. Later-installed boilers are not covered because it is easier to keep those boilers in good shape than to buy a new one.

The ECO4 Scheme of the UK government?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programme from the UK government helps low-income families make their homes more energy efficient. To help people who can’t afford to heat their homes and cut down on carbon pollution, energy firms fund home improvements that use less energy.

The main goal of the ECO plan is to give qualified families free boiler funding. A new heater might help a home use less energy, put out less carbon, and save money on energy bills. Below is the basic requirement for the homeowner or private tenant who is eligible for free boiler replacement:

  1. If you own or rent, your boiler needs to be at least five years old.
  2. You must be able to get Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, or Universal Credit.
  3. Your home must have an EPC grade of D or less.
  4. Under the ECO project, you can get a free boiler if you meet the requirements. To apply, all you have to do is fill out an online form or call an approved ECO installation.

Keep in mind that not everyone can get the free boiler grant. This scheme helps people who need grants to make their homes more energy efficient. You may be able to get a free repair, though, if your boiler is broken, old, or not working well.

Along with boiler funding, the ECO project also pays for insulation, heating controls, green energy systems, and other home changes that use less energy. This helps people save money on energy costs, make their homes more comfortable, and reach net-zero carbon pollution in the UK by 2050.

Can Senior Get Free Boiler Under the Grants?

It may cost a lot to heat your home all year, especially in the winter, if you are a pensioner and have an old boiler that doesn’t work well. With a free boiler grant, you can avoid rising energy costs and costly boiler repairs.

An adult over 60 who qualifies for a free boiler in the UK can get new condensing boilers through the ECO4 scheme. These boiler replacement grants may be able to help you if you or someone in your family gets Pension Credits or other UK government benefits.

Need a new boiler?

Upgrade to an A-rated boiler at no cost with the ECO4 Scheme.

Check your Eligibility Now

How Does The Grant Help Parents?

Your small family may be able to help you get the free boiler grant. The single parent who qualifies for a free boiler grant can apply if they have the maximum threshold income set under the ECO4 scheme.

The scheme could give the grants to low-income households that meet the requirements. If you have a child under 16 and get child tax credits or other benefits based on your income, you may be able to get a free boiler. If your boiler has been working since 2005, the government may help you get a new one

Is Owning a Home Necessary? What About People on Rent?

homeowners and tenants

Good news: the boiler replacement grant is also for those who don’t own their own homes. It can be given to tenants in the UK who are on at least one of the qualifying benefits to apply for the ECO4 Scheme. People who rent individually and don’t have central heating can get grants.

This person would rent the personally owned property instead of the owner. Unfortunately, renters in municipally owned housing associations can’t take part in the scheme.

How Much Does a Boiler Grant Cost?

You might want to know how much a boiler grant costs when you need to exchange your boiler. It’s free to apply, but some homes may only be able to get a partial government rebate or a free boiler replacement.

It is important to know that the cost of replacing a boiler depends on a number of things, such as the type of boiler, the size of the home, and how hard it is to install.

Luckily, homes may be able to get help replacing their boilers. Families that qualify for the government’s ECO4 plan may be able to get a new boiler for free, and others can get partial support. A lot of energy companies offer programmes to help families update their boilers.

How Much Money Would a New Boiler Save?

You could save a lot of money if you get a new condensing boiler installed at home. Old boilers can waste as much as one-third of every pound spent on heating a home. Due to age and lack of maintenance, some boilers may only work at 70% efficiency. Putting in a new A-rated boiler could make it over 92% efficient, which would save energy.

Compared to the old boiler, you can save up to £300 a year after getting the boiler grant. Think about how it might change your yearly budget and the cost of your energy.

What About Your Home?

Get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for your house that says it is D, E, F, or G. You can look for a current energy efficiency certificate, get one yourself, or get help from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities.

You won’t be able to add on to your home after April 1, 2022.

For a single parent, your family’s highest annual income should be between £19,900 and £34,500. For a pair, it should be between £27,500 and £12,000.

Benefits: The owner of the property must get one of the qualified benefits.

To get Child Benefit, applications must meet Ofgem’s salary requirements.

Income limits for child benefits

Child Benefit income requirements:

Number of children

Single parent














Check the ECO4 scheme to see if you can get a free gas boiler grant in the UK. Remember that below are the key conditions about your existing boiler:

  1. Installed before 2005
  2. Having a gas metre
  3. EPC rating of D, E, F or G
  4. Do not condense water and not using a white pipe underneath the boiler

Need a new boiler?

Upgrade to an A-rated boiler at no cost with the ECO4 Scheme.

Check your Eligibility Now

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a grant for a boiler?

If you are eligible, you should contact a government-approved installer like (our brand name), and they will help you with all the steps in your boiler grant application. They will schedule a free survey for your site visit. Upon verifying all the details, you will get a new boiler installed in 2 to 3 days.

Who is eligible for free boiler replacement grant?

Those homeowners or people living with the homeowner at the same address who are getting certain government benefits and whose boilers installed before 2005, are eligible for the free boiler replacement.

Can I get a free boiler if I'm not on benefits?

Getting no benefit means you are not under the low-income threshold. So, you might not be eligible if you are not on government benefits.


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