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What Type Of Insulation Is Covered Under The GBIS?

What Type Of Insulation Is Covered Under The GBIS

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Great British Insulation Scheme Is Awesome

Remember that old British saying? “A penny saved is a penny earned.” When it comes to your energy bills, though, saving a penny feels more like finding a buried treasure chest! That’s where the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) comes in, like a friendly energy fairy waving a wand of thermal efficiency. The scheme is awesome.

Picture this: on a freezing night under a thin blanket, and you’ve got goosebumps. Now, imagine your home feeling like that horror movie scene all year round—drafty rooms, high bills, and mold monsters lurking in the walls. Sounds like a nightmare, doesn’t it?

What's the Great British Insulation Scheme?

The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) works alongside the ECO4 scheme. It aims to make homes more energy-efficient and cut down on energy use and costs. The government expects households to save around £310 annually.

How does the Great British Insulation Scheme cut my bills?

To lower energy usage and heating bills, making homes more energy efficient is key.

The scheme includes insulation measures, reducing heat loss and saving on heating expenses. Insulation prevents heat from escaping through your loft, windows, and walls. Moreover, this isn’t your typical fix-it-all approach.

It tackles one insulation issue at a time. On top of that, it’s not just for anyone. It in fact targets families with limited funds. Also, it is for homes with a lower D rating on the Energy Performance Certificate.

How does GBIS Work?

Well, major energy companies, like Eco Energy Services, are stepping up to ensure we use less energy. This groundbreaking plan is set to run from around April 2023 to March 2026.

Now, grants for insulation in the GBIS aim to be your saving grace. For the same reason, a whopping £1 billion effort has been designed to help over 300,000 households. What’s more, GBIS covers homes in Council Tax bands A-D in England and A-E in Scotland and Wales.

In simpler terms, it’s the UK government that is extending a helping hand to families facing the brunt of high bills. The goal? Affordable heating and improved energy efficiency for those who need it most. Moreover, the benefits extend beyond mere cost savings. Additionally, it ensures a more comfortable living environment and encourages sustainable practices.

Types of Insulation Covered GBIS

Cavity Wall Champions

Think of your walls as fortresses battling the wind. GBIS fills their hidden gaps with insulating magic, turning them into toasty fortresses, keeping warmth safely inside.

Solid Wall Shields

No cavities? No worries! GBIS has shields for solid walls too, like cozy thermal jackets worn inside or out, keeping your home snug from head to toe (well, walls to floor!).

Loft Lifesavers

Remember that forgotten attic blanket fort? GBIS transforms it into a snug haven with a thick layer of insulation. Furthermore, it traps precious heat like a loyal dragon guarding its treasure.

Roof Rangers

Leaky roofs? Not anymore! Once in a while, GBIS sends in its flat and pitched roof insulation squad, patching up those sneaky heat escape routes. As a result, it keeps your home warm and dry.

Underfloor Guardians

Banish icy feet forever! GBIS lays down a cozy cushion under your floors, like a thermal moat reflecting warmth upwards and making your whole home feel like a giant slipper.

Strong Floor Soldiers

Although this may be true even concrete has feelings (well, sort of!). No doubt, GBIS equips solid floors with insulation armor. For the same reason, it prevents the cold from sneaking in and keeps your entire home toasty from the ground up.

Park Home Protectors

Living in a cozy mobile home? GBIS brings the insulation love there too! Special park home insulation keeps the warmth in and the bills down, making your haven even more delightful.

Room-in-Roof Rescuers

Got an attic you actually use? No problem! GBIS has also room-in-roof insulation that snuggles right in. On top of that, you can transform your pace into a warm and energy-efficient extension.

Each of these insulations works together to create a fortress of warmth and energy savings. So, pick the one through GBIS, and watch your home transform into a haven of comfort and financial cheer!

What are the benefits of the Great British Insulation Scheme?

First, this scheme isn’t just about saving money. Next, it’s about keeping families warm during the colder months. Besides, families in lower tax bands with less efficient homes get essential upgrades. Third, these upgrades include roof, loft, or wall insulation. The result? Potential yearly energy bill savings of around £300 to £400.

GBIS Eligibility

But how do you know about GBIS eligibility? Again, your home needs upgrades. So the scheme provides one insulation measure per home based on an assessment. Moreover, through Eco Energy Service you can get a free home survey. The catch? You must own your home or get permission from your landlord. What’s more, social housing or managed properties are also included.

Now, who qualifies for the Great British Insulation Scheme? Well, there are two groups: the general and the low-income eligibility group. For the general group, living in specific tax bands is key. And for the low-income group, means-tested benefits are a requirement. Private renters, though, are out of the picture.

Concerned about the costs? Homes with EPC ratings of F and G in the private rented sector are a no-go. However, if your home has an EPC rating of D or E, you might qualify for insulation measures. Funding levels depend on various factors, and you might need to contribute to the installation costs.

Get Free Loft Insulation Today

No doubt, both the general and low-income groups can benefit from the scheme. Although you can apply for various insulation measures, yet loft insulation stands out as a game-changer. So, if you’re looking for loft insulation, ECO Energy Service offers 100% free loft insulation. Moreover, it ensures quality work and prioritizes your satisfaction. So reach out to them for the best deal, with all the details. Remember, clarity is crucial—know what’s included and avoid surprises.

What's Loft Insulation?

Loft Insulation is a game-changer for your home. It is in fact like a cozy blanket for your roof. It traps precious heat inside and prevents it from escaping. Imagine your roof as a leaky sieve; loft insulation plugs those holes. As a result, it makes your home toasty and energy-efficient.

The benefits of loft insulation are limitless, just like snowflakes in a blizzard! It’s time to slash your energy bills, bid farewell to drafty chills, contribute to a happier planet, and even boost your home’s value. And guess what? You might get all these perks for FREE! Thanks to Eco Energy Services, top-notch loft insulation could be yours at absolutely no cost if you meet certain criteria.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let another winter leave you shivering. Embrace the magic of loft insulation! Give your roof a warm hug, and let the savings (and comfort) begin! Simply enter your postcode—free loft insulation is just a click away.

How to Apply for the Great British Insulation Scheme?

Want to check your eligibility online? There’s an effective tool for that! Just answer a few questions, including your postcode, and discover if you qualify for this energy-saving opportunity. Enter your postcode here. Simple Steps to a More Energy-Efficient Home

  1. First of all, confirm your eligibility for the scheme.
  2. Second, based on your location, we’ll pair you with our installer.
  3. Third, professional surveyor will survey your property.
  4. Finally, our installer will determine the necessary single insulation measure.

Summing Up

The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) is a game-changer. It transforms homes into cozy havens, addressing nightmares of high bills and drafty rooms. Teaming up with ECO4, it aims to make homes energy-efficient. Moreover, it saves around £310 annually. The scheme covers vital insulation measures. It ensures warmth and financial relief. To qualify, homeowners can undergo a free survey via Eco Energy Service. 

What’s more, loft insulation, a standout feature, acts as a cozy blanket. It traps heat and reduces energy bills. So to embark on this journey, follow the straightforward five-step process. Without a doubt, GBIS is not just a scheme; it’s a transformative solution for sustainable living. 

So, embrace the magic of GBIS and transform your home into a haven of comfort. Moreover, enjoy financial well-being.


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