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Reasons Your Thermostat Isn’t Working And Its Fixes


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Is your central heating thermostat not working correctly? Are you concerned about your home being too cold and uncomfortable? Don’t worry! We’ve all been there: shivering inside despite turning up the thermostat. This blog can help you before you hire an expert! We’ll look at the most common causes of thermostat failure and walk you through some simple solutions to get your heating system back on track. You’ll soon be able to enjoy the warmth and comfort of your own home.

Check the Simple Stuff First

Well, several reasons could be there why your thermostat central heating is not working. Firstly, check the basics: are the batteries dead? If you have a battery-powered thermostat, simply replacing the batteries might be enough.

Next, confirm that the thermostat is set to heating mode and that the desired temperature is higher than the current room temperature. If it’s set to cool or the temperature is already at the desired level, the thermostat won’t activate the boiler.

However, if you’ve checked everything and your thermostat central heating not working yet, there could be a problem with either the thermostat or the boiler. So it’s advisable to contact a certified specialist to diagnose the problem.

Why is my Thermostat not Working?

Now, after finding out the reasons for the thermostat central heating not working, it’s time to diagnose why is my thermostat not working issue? There could be several reasons why your thermostat is not working. First, see if it’s receiving electricity. If it’s powered by batteries, are they dead? If it is hardwired, inspect your circuit breaker box for tripped breakers.

Another simple thing to check is the settings. Make sure it’s set to the appropriate mode, such as “heat” in the winter, and that the target temperature is higher than the present room temperature.

If nothing of these work, the problem could be with the thermostat itself. In that scenario, it is best to consult with a specialist.

Thermostat not communicating with your boiler

Is your thermostat not talking to your boiler? Well, this could be another reason for thermostat central heating not working. Let’s find out why and how to fix it! Firstly, make sure your boiler is listening to your thermostat, if it doesn’t, its probably because of an older boiler. So get a new and modern boiler plus a fancy thermostat. They’ll keep your house warm. But what if they stop talking to each other? You better consult a mechanical engineer.

Thermostat and boiler are switched off

Now, this is another common reason for your thermostat central heating not working. Do not panic if both your thermostat and boiler are switched off! There are some basic fixes you can do yourself. Sometimes the solution to a problem is so simple that we overlook it, such as when you couldn’t find your keys, which were in your jacket pocket!

First, verify sure your boiler is turned on and running properly. Check for any error codes on the boiler. If there is, see the manufacturer’s instructions to determine what it implies.

Moreover, you might be able to fix it yourself, but sometimes you’ll need professional assistance. So after inspecting the boiler, ensure that your thermostat is also turned on. If you have a wireless thermostat, consider replacing the batteries, especially if it has been a time since you last changed them. Sometimes just changing the batteries could fix the issue.

Issues with commands

Next, there are common command issues that cause your thermostat central heating not working. If you tell your thermostat the wrong things, it may not perform properly. For example, if you accidentally make it too chilly, it may do what you say but not what you intend.

Moreover, another typical mistake is combining the heating and hot water settings. Older versions may simply accept your incorrect commands without complaint. However, it’s worth examining your thermostat’s settings. But if you’re still perplexed, consult the handbook. It might hold the answer.

What to do if the thermostat is dirty from the inside?


Looking for another way to fix your thermostat? This is an easy one. If the other remedies haven’t worked, try brushing the inside of your thermostat. The dirt inside can cause problems, so a quick cleaning could assist. However, if it’s too unclean, you might need to replace the thermostat.

Location problem with thermostat

Another top reason for your thermostat central heating not working could be the bad location of your thermostat. So, set your thermostat in the proper location. If not, it may not function effectively since it is unable to accurately read the temperature of the room. Thermostats may become confused by several stimuli around them. Here’s what could go wrong:

  • Sunlight shines directly on the thermostat, however briefly.
  • Nearby electrical items.
  • Extremely hot or frigid temperatures.
  • Drafts due to inadequate insulation.

So if you believe your thermostat is in an inconvenient location, you may wish to relocate it. But if it’s wired, hire a professional to transfer it. Don’t meddle with the electricity!

Wiring problems

Got a wired thermostat? Wiring difficulties can occur.

  • Possible causes include incorrect wiring.
  • Something is broken.
  • It is merely old.

If there is a wiring problem, hire a professional to address it. But do not try this yourself! So if you can’t fix it yourself and suspect the wiring, a professional can help.

Is your thermostat dying?

This is, of course, a serious issue and the principal cause of why your central heating thermostat not working. So, if your thermostat is always acting up, it is most likely because it has reached the end of its useful life. It might be dying. So, if it’s quite old and no longer works well, you’ll need to replace it. Get a professional to install a new thermostat. Do not try this on your own!

Boiler Bothering

Is your thermostat not the issue? Then it might be your boiler. Boiler problems are uncommon, but dangerous. So if the problem is with the boiler, you’ll need to call a heating professional to repair it. But don’t tinker with your boiler on your own!

Cost of Thermostat Fixing

If you hire a professional to fix your thermostat or boiler in the UK, here’s what you can expect to pay:

  • Labor prices range from £30 to £60 per hour, same to electricians.
  • Costs vary by area, with costs greater in the southeast and lower in the north.
  • Depending on the job, you may incur additional supply charges.

Here are some estimations for addressing various issues:


Potential Heating Issue

Repair Cost Estimate (in £)

Simple thermostat issue (cleaning, resetting)

30 – 60

Relocating thermostat

30 – 120

Thermostat wiring problem

50 – 170

Thermostat replacement

250 – 450

Fixing boiler PCB

80 – 250

New PCB for boiler

590 – 800

Boiler error code diagnosis (depends on the issue)


Boiler replacement

850 – 2,750


This table might assist you in estimating probable heating repair expenses. The first column contains common concerns, beginning with thermostat issues and progressing to boiler issues. The second column displays the expected repair costs in British pounds (£). No doubt, the cost of diagnosing a boiler error code varies according to the issue. But remember that these are estimations. It is generally advisable to obtain an estimate from a specialist for a specific repair.


If your thermostat central heating not working, techniques in this blog can be helpful to fix the issue. However, it the issue persists despite trying all the techniques mentioned in this blog, you better contact a skilled expert. They can diagnose the problem and restore your heating system to proper operating order. Meanwhile, maybe these suggestions have helped you make your home warm and cosy again! Remember, a little troubleshooting can save you both time and money.

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