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How Much Does A Boiler Service Cost?


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A boiler service is similar to a checkup for your home’s heating system. Your boiler keeps your house warm and provides hot water. However, some people forget to take care of it. Your boiler requires periodic inspection to ensure that it is functioning properly. If you don’t, it may cease working when you need it the most, such as during the winter. 

As a result, it is critical to get your boiler serviced regularly by a qualified technician. Now you might be wondering how much does it cost to service a boiler. Well, prices vary depending on several factors. But, regardless, make sure that during the servicing, a professional checks all of your boiler’s components and restores their operational capacity.

What Does Boiler Service Include?

A boiler service comprises inspecting and cleaning different parts of the boiler to ensure that it functions properly. Firstly, the engineer checks the boiler to ensure it is safe. Then they remove any debris or buildup inside. Following that, they test the boiler to verify that it is functioning properly. Finally, they may advise you on how to keep it. Overall, boiler service guarantees that your boiler is safe, efficient, and runs properly. Take a look at the following table.



Flue System

Inspection of the flue system both inside and outside the boiler.

Boiler Flame

Examination of the flame to ensure it is burning correctly.

Boiler Casing

Removal of the boiler casing to verify the correct functioning of the burner, heat exchanger, and spark electrode.

Case Seal

Verification of the effectiveness of the seal around the boiler.

Water-Level Control

Checking that the water-level control is operating correctly.

Low-Water Cutoff

Ensuring the low-water cutoff mechanism is working properly.

Safety Valves

Checking that safety valves are functioning as they should.

Boiler Firing

Safely firing up the boiler to identify any faults.

Expansion Vessel

Inspection to see if the expansion vessel is regulating boiler pressure correctly.

Boiler Cleaning

Cleaning of boiler components if necessary.

Comprehensive Checks (Manual)

Referring to the servicing and maintenance section of the installation manual for a comprehensive list of checks.

Why is Boiler Service Important?


First and foremost, a boiler, like a car, need regular check-ups to ensure that it is in good working condition. This should happen once a year. Some people are hesitant to pay for these check-ups because they believe it would be too expensive all at once. However, if you do not examine the boiler on a regular basis, minor issues might escalate into major issues over time. As a result, fixing major issues will take a lot more money.

In addition, keeping your boiler in good running order allows us to save money on your energy costs. This means you’ve more money for exciting activities! Furthermore, if you take proper care of your boiler, it will live longer.

Next, when you purchase a new boiler, the manufacturer occasionally promises that it will function properly for 5 to 10 years. However, they will only uphold that commitment if you maintain the boiler, such as having it serviced regularly.

Why Should You Have Your Boiler Serviced?

Well, there are very strong reasons for this, and it makes sense when you think about it.

First, if you want to keep the manufacturer’s warranty or guarantee, you must get your boiler serviced once a year. Also, getting it examined can help stop carbon monoxide poisoning, which is quite deadly.

Plus, regular check-ups might prevent your boiler from breaking down in the future, saving you money on repairs. When your boiler is serviced, it functions more efficiently and consumes less energy, resulting in lower utility bills. Finally, regular check-ups can extend the life of your boiler, saving you from having to replace it too soon. However, even with regular checks, faults could still happen. For example, your thermostat may fail or your heating cost can unexpectedly surge.

How Often Should I Get My Boiler Serviced?

Undeniably, it’s critical to have your boiler checked once a year. This helps ensure that it works properly and remains in good condition. Furthermore, if your boiler is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, it is better to get it serviced. Consequently, if something needs fixing or replacing due to frequent use, it is more likely to be addressed. But if you don’t have a warranty, collect quotes regarding boiler service cost and get your boiler repaired.

How Much Does It Cost To Service a Boiler?

In the UK, the typical cost of having your boiler serviced varies based on the type of boiler you have. Usually, you’ll pay between £120 and £130, including VAT. This is a one-time fee that most gas engineers charge. Furthermore, it normally takes them around 30 minutes to do the work.

Another alternative is to purchase a boiler and heating coverage plan, which can cost between £100 and £200 on average. However, in other cases, paying for a one-time service may end up being less expensive over time.

Boiler Type

Boiler Service Cost Range

One- Off Service


Gas Boiler

£80 – £100

£80 – £130

Most common type standard boiler service cost.

LPG Boiler




Oil Boiler

Up to £160

£80 – £100

More complex service due to oil tank inspection.

Electric Boiler

£80 – £120

£70 – £100

Similar to gas boiler servicing, may vary based on complexity.

Biomass Boiler

£100 – £180

£100 – £120

More complex system, may need extra cleaning and checks.

A boiler service cost may vary depending on many criteria, including boiler type, location, peak seasons, and engineer rates.

What are the Legal Requirements for Boiler Servicing in the UK?

If you are not a landlord, you are not legally obligated to have your boiler serviced. However, it is crucial to understand that missing regular servicing may void any manufacturer warranties.

Still, having your boiler serviced is an excellent idea. As a result, it ensures its safety and reduces the likelihood of breakdowns. On top of that, it saves you money on your energy expenses.

Also, the individual who inspects your boiler must have the necessary qualifications. If they’re looking for a gas boiler, they must be registered. Plus, oil boilers, should be registered with OFTEC. This ensures they understand what they’re doing and can keep you secure.

What Factors Affect Annual Boiler Service Cost?

Where You Live

The cost of boiler servicing varies according to where you reside in the UK. This is because certain locations have more engineers and quicker access to parts. So it’s a good idea to gather several quotations before making a decision. And keep in mind that, like with many things, having your boiler serviced in London may be more expensive.

The Type of Boiler that you Own

The kind and brand of your boiler can influence how much a servicing costs. But oil boiler replacement parts may be more expensive than other models. So if your gas boiler is ages-old, finding components may be difficult. This without a doubt, could affect the price.

The Season

The kind and brand of your boiler can influence how much a servicing costs. But oil boiler replacement parts may be more expensive than other models. So if your gas boiler is ages-old, finding components may be difficult. This without a doubt, could affect the price.

The Time and Day of the Week

If you require a repair late at night or early in the morning, it may be more expensive due to emergency call-out fees. Moreover, the same goes for weekends, particularly Sundays. However, boiler breakdowns do not follow schedules.

Bottom line

Boiler service is something that you can’t ignore at all. This is critically important for optimal performance. Firstly, if you want to save energy. Secondly, if your heating costs are rising. Thirdly, if you want better airflow and a comfortable environment. So, if you’re not sure how much does a boiler service cost, get different quotes. This will help you make an informed decision.

People Also Asked

How often should you get your boiler serviced?

If you own a property, you should have your boiler tested every 12 months. The optimum time to do this is in the warmer months before winter arrives. This ensures that your boiler is ready for the winter season when it will work the hardest. Furthermore, it is usually easier to schedule an appointment with an engineer at this time. Moreover, landlords are required by law to service their tenants’ boilers on an annual basis.

What happens during the boiler service?

First, the engineer inspects your boiler to check if anything is incorrect. Then they remove the cover to look inside. They’ll ensure that everything functions properly and that there are no gas leaks, especially if it’s a gas boiler.

Why is boiler service so important?

Getting your boiler serviced is worthwhile, even if it is expensive. It means your boiler runs smoothly, especially during the winter months. Furthermore, it safeguards you from gas leaks and reduces your heating costs.

Should I acquire a boiler coverage plan or a boiler service?

It’s up to you, but it’s a good idea to have your boiler serviced no matter what. Moreover, some insurance plans provide a yearly service, but not all do.

What's the difference between standard and manufacturer's service?

Any qualified engineer can provide a standard service. They inspect your boiler and resolve any issues. Furthermore, an engineer specializing in that specific brand of boiler performs the manufacturer’s servicing. They may be more knowledgeable about your boiler, so some people believe it is better.


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