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How Much Time is Required for the Installation of a New Boiler?


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You should ask this important question. A lot of people who are going to buy a new boiler are worried about it because their daily life will be interrupted during installation. Don’t be without hot water or central heating when you least expect it.

If you know how long it will take, you can get ready ahead of time. But there isn’t a simple answer to this question because boiler installation time depends on various things.

  • The type of boiler
  • A new heating system or boiler you want
  • Change of location
  • The type of gas you use

Hence, take a deep breath and ready your paper to estimate total waiting time for enjoying a functional boiler after successful installation.

How Long Does it Take to Fit a Boiler

There are a lot of things to think about when you ask about time taking boiler installation.Here is some extra information to help you understand how the process works.

A Simple Replace without Changing Location

The easiest and most simple way to install a boiler is to replace an old one with a new one of the same type and put it in the same place in your home. For instance, getting a brand-new combi boiler to replace an old one that isn’t working right.


This switch is often done because the old boiler has broken down and can’t be fixed. To sum up, there are times when it is cheaper to buy a new heater than to fix an old one. These problems usually start to happen when the boiler is getting close to the end of its useful life, which is usually around +10 years.

You won’t have to put in any new gas, water or heating lines because the new boiler will be put in the same place. Another thing they will say is that they have the right specs for the improved boiler system. Small changes to pipes and gas improvements might be needed, but they’re usually not too hard to handle and are part of the normal work for a straight switch.


Some trained professionals can put this together in 6 to 8 hours if nothing goes wrong, but you should give yourself a whole day.

Estimated time for simple boiler replacement: 6 to 8 hours

The Moving of the Boiler

It might take an extra half-day to change the location of your new boiler if you want to move your old one. This, however, relies on the type and size of the home as well as how far away the new boiler placement is from the old system. Moreover, little repairing and changing the installation position may take a whole day depending on the situation.


Because your current system has a pipe that connects it immediately to your gas source, you have to move this pipe when you move the boiler. To make room for the lines, this might need structural work like cutting holes in stone walls or raising floors. It will take longer to finish the job if the old boiler has to be moved, taken apart, or taken away.

Estimated time for Changing Boiler Location: 1 day.

Putting in a Brand-new Boiler from Scratch

You might not have a boiler yet because you’re watching over the progress of a self-build or because you just moved into a new home that doesn’t have central heating. The boiler assembly process usually takes one to two days to finish.

You will have to spend the time you saved by not having to take out an old boiler on making new connections to your gas and water mains. Keep in mind that a central heating system probably won’t be built if there isn’t already an old boiler. It can take a lot longer to finish the job if you have to install a new heating system along with the boiler.

It should take one to two weeks to finish a brand-new setup with all the necessary work, since the floors, rugs, and flooring will need to be taken out and the pipes and radiators will need to be put in.

Do you have good news? This can all be done while the boiler is being set up. This will depend on how you handle the repairs, though. For example, if you put in a new boiler and heating system, you may need first and second repairs because of other building jobs.

Estimated time for installing a new boiler with heating system from the scratch: 1 week

Changing the Kind of Boiler

Because each type has its own gas, water and electricity needs, switching from one type to another means putting in a new stove and taking out the old one. It goes without saying that replacing a heater takes more work and more time than just moving it.

For instance, it will take longer to switch from a system boiler to a combi boiler than to replace it with a similar one. The professional will have to take out the water tank from the system boiler and add extra pipes for the new combi boiler. This could take about two days to finish because holes may need to be drilled, floors may need to be raised, and lines may need to be run outside.

Estimated time to change boiler type: 1 to 2 days.

Changing the Type and Location of Your Boiler

The thing that takes the most time is changing the type and location of your stove. It might take three to four days to finish this kind of work, which combines many tasks into one.

You may need new clamps as well as new pipes, cylinders, and tanks, which you will often have to take apart. In some cases, gas, water and electricity services will need to be rerouted by making holes in the walls. When moving boilers and updating systems, rerouting the boiler flue and making sure that the course and end of the flue are correct could be one of the hardest parts of installation.

Estimated time to change location and type of boiler: 1 to 2 days.

Change the Fuel

If you want to change the fuel type instead of buying a new boiler, you will need to do extra plumbing and electrical work, which can often take two to three days to finish.

It’s not common for people to switch fuel types, but it’s happening more often as people move away from fossil fuels and towards green heating sources, like moving from gas to electric heaters. 

In the past few years, these systems have made a lot of progress towards becoming smaller and easier to install, but it may still take a lot of work. The long pipe runs and large-scale building projects may be part of the reason for the high cost of the installation.

Estimated time to switch energy source of boiler: 2 days.

Things that Affect How Long It Takes to Put in a New Boiler

To avoid being without heat or water for a long time, you should know about the different things that affect how long it takes to install a new boiler.

Here is a list of some of the things that affect when you should get a new boiler.

Not Following Gas Safety Rules

Your professional may find several problems with your heating system that make it look like it doesn’t meet Gas Safe standards.

Heaters that are more than 15 years old, on the other hand, often have problems with gas supply pipes that are too small. In the past, a 15mm pipe was enough. New rules, on the other hand, say that the pipe must be 22 mm thick. To put it simply, bigger lines can carry more gas to the bigger boiler. The new rules say that the new boiler must run safely with a certain amount of pressure. Because of this, putting in a new boiler in your home might take thirty minutes longer than planned.

It may also take longer to install your new boiler if there is a lot of space between the air pipe and your doors and windows. This problem can be fixed in a number of ways. This could mean that the pipe needs an extension piece that changes the way it looks on the outside, or it could just need some small building work.

Use MagnaCleanse, Power washing, or Chemicals

MagnaCleanse cleans the system completely by getting rid of useless and hard parts. The MagnaCleanse filter also helps gather sludge that you can then remove from your system.

Our techs recommend MagnaCleanse over chemical and power cleaning products every time they do an installation. We also offer a free clean of the machine.

Power washing, which involves running chemicals through the pipes and system, is an old way to clean a central heating system. Including rust, dirt, and other unwanted waste, it gets rid of them all. An outside pump is used along with the system pump in this method, which may be pretty strong and isn’t good for many systems.

When a chemical wash is done, gravity is used to empty and then fill the system again. After the chemicals are spread through the system to get rid of dirt and other leftovers, clean water and a boiler inhibitor are pushed through to fully protect it.

You should always have power flushing on hand in case you need to clean a boiler or heating system that has sludge or other things stuck in it. These problems could make heaters and pipes work less well.

Putting in a smart Thermostat

More people are buying smart thermostats because they may save you money on energy costs and give you more control over how hot or cold your home is.

A professional can usually put in a smart thermostat in most homes in less than an hour.

Putting in a Magnetic Boiler Filter

A magnetic stove filter is one of the parts that are in your current fireplace. Your heating system might use less energy and last longer if you use magnetic boiler filters.

Rust and other unwanted impurities are caught by the filters and can’t get through your system. If this isn’t done, the unwanted parts could harden and cause problems with the boiler in the future.

Instead of a Gas Metre, Get a New Boiler

When you’re thinking about getting a new or replacement boiler installed, it’s easy to forget about the smaller details and just focus on the process. Regardless, all of these parts are necessary for your boiler to work properly.

The gas connection is an important part that is often forgotten when figuring out how long installation will take. If you don’t have the right gas lines, your boiler, no matter how new or old it is, will look like an ugly object.

A gas line of a certain size is needed for most modern stoves to meet building codes. Keep this in mind when you’re setting up the installation of your new boiler; otherwise, you might be shocked!

When is the Best Time to Put in a New Boiler

Set up your oven in the summer, even if you can’t always pick the best time of year.

Why? It’s not possible that you will be without hot water and warmer boilers for weeks or days, depending on the type of installation.

Afterall, It will only take a maximum of 8 to 10 hours by an engineer to replace your old boiler with a new energy-efficient one.


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