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ECO4 Boiler Grant for Universal Credit Recipients: All You Need to Know

ECO4 Boiler Grant for Universal Credit Recipients All You Need to Know

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There is no need to talk about buying warm clothes because that is obviously in your mind. However, one thing you should do as early as possible is to apply for an ECO4 boiler grant. 

Haven’t heard of it yet. Or just ignore it right away. 

Whatever the case may be, make sure to read this post until the end. You will find details regarding the ECO4 boiler grant scheme, what it is, how to apply, and who qualifies for the boiler grant scheme.

What is the ECO4 Boiler Grant Scheme?

The government of the UK has stepped in to help low-income and vulnerable households get themselves equipped with the latest boilers. 

The ECO4 Boiler Grant scheme offers financial aid to the residents of the UK to upgrade their boilers. Homeowners having a low EPC rating, boilers 15 years old, and income less than £31,000 are eligible for the Boiler Grant Scheme UK. 

In addition, you can also qualify for the ECO4 Boiler Grant Scheme if you are receiving benefits from the government including Universal Credit, Child Benefit, Pension Credit, and many more. 

We will discuss which type of government benefits receiving recipients can qualify for the ECO4 boiler grant scheme.

Who Qualifies for ECO4 Boiler Grant UK?

ECO4 Boiler Grant UK is free to apply and once you qualify after meeting certain requirements, you will be further contacted. The Boiler Grant UK is available to everyone who is:

  • Residents of the UK
  • Homeowner or Living as a Private Tenant 
  • Having a Boiler 15 years old/Broken Boiler/Non-condensing Boiler
  • Recipients of Government Incentives

If you are receiving financial assistance from the government, you can qualify for ECO4 boiler Grant Scheme. Here is the list of all the recipients receiving government benefits:

  • Income-based Job seeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related Employment & Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Income support and Pension Guarantee credit
  • Child tax credit (CTC)
  • Universal Credit (UC)
  • Housing benefit
  • Pension savings Credit
  • Child benefit
  • Pension Guarantee Credit

Are Universal Credit Recipients Eligible for the ECO4 Boiler Grant Scheme?

Yes, Universal Credit recipients are eligible for the ECO4 Boiler Grant Scheme. If you are receiving Universal Credit, apply now for the ECO4 Boiler Grant

If you or someone in your household is receiving Universal Credit, you may apply before the Boiler Scheme ends. However, if you are unaware of what Universal Credit is all about, make sure to read the next section for an overview. In the future, if you or someone in your family starts receiving Universal Credit before the scheme ends, you will be aware of it beforehand.

Universal Credit Overview

Universal Credit is a financial assistance to those who can’t afford living costs.

The standard payment for universal credit is £342.72 for single adults under 25 years. While adults over 25 years will be getting £409.89. For couples under 25 age will be receiving £488.59 and £594.04 for 2 adults over 25 years. 

If you are receiving any of the benefits mentioned below, it will be replaced with the Universal Credit. 

  • Child Tax Credit
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Working Tax Credit

If you are currently receiving these benefits/tax credits, you are not required to do anything unless:

  • Your Conditions Change
  • You get a Migration Notice asking you to claim Universal Credit. 

In case of receiving a Migration Notice, you must move to Universal Credit within three months to keep receiving financial support.

How to Apply for an ECO4 Boiler Grant as a Recipient of Universal Credit?

If you are receiving Universal Credit, you can apply for an ECO4 Boiler Grant by following the steps mentioned below. 

  1. Check your eligibility by entering the postcode and answering a few questions
  2. Provide proof of benefits such as universal credit and boiler’s age
  3. Complete the form and once done, you will be contacted by the team of Eco Energy Services for further information
  4. Once done, the team of professionals will visit your home to conduct a survey and install the boiler

Why ECO4 Boiler Grant is Beneficial for Universal Credit Recipients?

Installing and replacing a boiler isn’t easy for households with limited income that is not enough to meet the living. It is also impossible for anyone claiming benefits from the government such as Universal Credit to replace low-efficient boiler with a new one that costs thousands of pounds.

If you also belong to one of those households, you can apply for the grant without giving a second thought. Here’s why it is beneficial for you to claim the ECO4 Boiler Grant as a Universal Credit recipient.

Updating Your Boiler Requires a Huge Amount

Updating your old boiler with a new one is not easy for anyone claiming benefits from the government such as Universal Credit. The cost of a new boiler is thousands of pounds and on top of it, you also need to pay for the installation cost along with other upgrades. 

The ECO4 Boiler Grant is a move towards helping low-income households and those dependent on government benefits to replace their inefficient boilers with energy-efficient boilers.

Help You Slash Your Energy Bills

Once the old boiler that is energy inefficient is replaced with a new one with high efficiency, the consumption gets to minimal and performance on the peak. That means the heating system needs to be turned on for a limited time and the home gets warmer. 

As the energy cost has risen over the years in the UK, you may not be able to afford energy bills within limited means. However, by applying for a free boiler grant as a Universal Credit recipient, you can save hundreds of pounds each month.

Eco-Friendly Environment

The main objective of the ECO4 Boiler Grant scheme is to reduce carbon emissions. Applying for a grant as a Universal Credit recipient, will not only save money but also help in reducing carbon footprint. 

It will impact the overall environment and bring pollution down. You will not only save money for yourself but also help in contributing towards a better and greener planet.

Replacing the Old Boiler with an Efficient One

You are probably living in an old house with an old boiler that is not too efficient. It consumes a lot of energy and requires more time to heat up the home. 

By applying for a new boiler grant under ECO4, you can not only improve the heating of your home but also reduce energy consumption.

Increase the Value of Your House

You may not be interested much in any of the four points we have discussed. But this one will surely catch your attention. Applying for a boiler scheme as a Universal Credit recipient, you can improve your EPC rating, which ultimately increases the value of your home. 

The reason is whenever you list your house for sale, you also need to submit your Energy Performance Certificate. If your EPC rating is A, B, or C, the eyes of potential buyers will catch more attention. Moreover, it will also help increase the value of your property.

Summing Up

Now it is time to finally conclude our post by suggesting you to apply for ECO4 boiler grant as a Universal Credit Recipient. The grant will end up in 2026. It’s a great chance for you to replace your old boiler with a new one without bearing any cost. 

For any assistance or queries, please feel free to contact our support team. Keep yourself updated with ECO4 Scheme and other updates on


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