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Do All Boilers Have a 10 Year Warranty?


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A boiler warranty is a promise. It says the maker will fix your boiler if it breaks down within a certain time. But not all warranties are the same. Some are longer, some are shorter. On top of that, there are boilers with 10 year warranty. That’s a long time! But not all models get this. Moreover, it depends on the model you choose. Also, it is surprisingly to know that some brands don’t give a warranty. Instead, they give a guarantee. This is different. A guarantee says they will fix any problem. However, a warranty might not cover all problems.

So, when you buy a boiler, think about the warranty. It can save you money if something goes wrong. And it gives you peace of mind. But remember, not all warranties are the same. So, check the details before you buy.

In this guide, we’ll talk about the differences between warranties and guarantees, and we’ll also compare warranties from different boiler brands to see if they offer 10-year warranties or not.

What’s a boiler warranty?

A boiler warranty is a promise that kicks in when your boiler breaks down. It covers the cost of repair or replacement, ensuring you’re not left out in the cold. When you shell out for a new boiler, the manufacturer throws in a warranty. This warranty stands up to any defects or malfunctions that crop up within a specified period.

Moreover, the warranty sets out the terms and conditions, so it’s important to go over them carefully. If your boiler is out of order, you should call up the manufacturer. They’ll send over a certified engineer to check out the problem. If the issue stems from a manufacturing defect, the warranty will pick up the tab for repairs or replacement.

However, warranties often come with certain conditions. So if you’re looking for boilers with 10 year warranty, you might need to keep up with regular servicing. And only a certified professional should keep the warranty in place. But if you fall behind on this, the warranty might fall through. Also, if you tamper with the boiler or bring in non-certified engineers for repairs, the warranty could be out of effect.

What’s the difference between a boiler warrant and a boiler guarantee?

A boiler warranty is like a surety from the boiler’s maker. If the boiler breaks due to a defect, the maker will fix or replace it. But, they’ll only do this if a certified engineer installed your boiler. It’s similar to a phone warranty – if the phone stops working within the warranty period, the manufacturer will fix or replace it for free. Now, there are several brands that offer boilers with 10 year warranty or even more.

Boiler guarantee, on the other hand, is a promise about the boiler’s performance. If the boiler isn’t working as it should, the issue will be fixed. It’s like a restaurant guaranteeing you’ll enjoy your meal. If you don’t, they might offer you a different dish or give you your money back.

What about landlord insurance boiler?

This is a type of insurance that covers the cost of repairs for a broken or faulty boiler in a rental property. If the boiler breaks down, the insurance will cover the costs of engineer callouts and labour. It also includes an annual boiler service, which is vital to keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. With landlord boiler insurance in place, the tenant may be able to arrange an engineer call out or repair if the boiler were to break down in your absence.

The key difference is that landlord boiler insurance is a broader coverage. It includes the costs of engineer callouts, labour, and an annual boiler service. On the other hand, a boiler warranty or guarantee is a promise from the manufacturer to fix or replace the boiler if it develops a fault or isn’t performing as it should.

What to look for in a boiler warranty check?

When buying a new boiler, it’s important to check its warranty. Not all boilers with 10 year warranty belong to the same manufacturer. It varies from model to model as well. Some offer more protection than others. Here’s what you need to look for in a boiler warranty:

  • Duration: Firstly, check how long the warranty lasts. The longer it is, the more reassured you’ll be if any issues arise.
  • Covered Parts:  Next, see which parts the warranty covers. Some warranties exclude consumable parts like fuses and filters.
  • Cost Coverage: Now, find out if both parts and labour costs are covered. While most cover parts, some may not cover labour. Others may take a deposit for repair calls, which is refunded if the issue is covered.
  • Exclusions: Also, look for any exclusions that could void the warranty. Most warranties have standard exclusions, but check the terms and conditions for any additional ones.

Considering these points will help you choose a boiler with a warranty that gives you peace of mind.

Which boiler brand has the best warranty?


Deciding which boiler manufacturers offer boilers with 10 year warranty depends on what you prioritise. If you want a boiler with 10 year warranty, Worcester, Vaillant, and Ideal are good options. However, not all models cover this warranty. Reputation and reliability are also factors to consider. Consequently, boiler warranties differ depending on the manufacturer, their ranges, and models. So there’s no one-size-fits-all, but most brands offer warranties ranging from 2 to 10 years.


Standard Warranty Range (Years)

Worcester Bosch
















Which boiler type has the longest warranty?

When it comes to replacing your boiler, durability and warranty coverage are crucial factors to consider. While all boiler types have their strengths and weaknesses, understanding their lifespans and warranty options can help you make an informed decision.

Boiler Type Comparison 

Boiler Type

Fuel Source


Standard Warranty Range (Years)

Combi Boiler


Heats water for radiators and taps directly, eliminating the need for a hot water storage tank.


System Boiler


Requires a separate hot water storage tank, offering more hot water capacity than combi boilers.


Regular Boiler (Heating Only)


Provides heating for radiators only and requires a separate hot water storage tank.


Oil Boiler

Heating Oil

Ideal for off-grid locations without access to natural gas.


Biomass Boiler

Wood Pellets, Wood Chips

Eco-friendly option that burns wood fuel for heating and hot water.


Electric Boiler


Efficient for smaller homes with good insulation, but electricity costs can be higher than gas.


These are just estimates based on the market data. For accurate information, always check the manufacturer’s website or consult with a qualified boiler engineer. So far we have combi and System boilers with 10 year warranty. They typically have longer warranties compared to Regular and Oil boilers. This is because of their more complex design. Moreover, electric boilers generally have shorter warranties due to their simpler design.

How to avoid mistakes to keep your boiler covered?

To keep your warranty valid, follow these steps carefully.

First, check the terms and conditions of your warranty. Then, avoid these common mistakes.

  • Mistake 1: Don’t forget to hire a gas-safe engineer to install your boiler. They need to be on the Gas Safe Register.
  • Mistake 2: Remember to register your warranty within 30 days after installation. You can do this online or by calling the manufacturer.
  • Mistake 3: Don’t skip your annual boiler service. Make sure a Gas Safe engineer does it and gives you a certificate afterwards.

So, read your warranty carefully, avoid these mistakes, and keep your boiler covered!

Bottom line

In conclusion, choosing the right boiler with a good warranty is super important for homeowners. While there are not all brands that offer boilers with 10 year warranty, lots of trusted brands give longer coverage for peace of mind. So by understanding warranty differences and following manufacturer conditions, you can enjoy reliable heating for years. Also, to get the best boiler deal and longest warranty, research, compare quotes, and talk to professionals.  On top of that, regular servicing and following warranty terms keep your boiler in great condition, making sure it works well and lasts long.  So, always check warranty terms to make the most of your investment and keep your home cosy all year round.


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