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Understanding Common Biasi Boiler Fault Codes


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Multiple sensors can be installed on Biasi boilers to make your heating system more efficient and reliable. The error codes that appear on the display screen tell you the origin of the problem.

Understanding boiler fault codes is critical to solving any major mechanical problem. Biasi boiler error codes are a series of letters and numbers that can help you determine the cause of the problem.

Biasi boiler fault codes can be decoded by engineers because they are indexed codes. This will depend on the Biasi boiler manufacturer, but this code outlines faults and problems with your system. If you know what these rules mean, you can identify, repair and order parts before anyone realises the boiler is breaking down.

Biasi Boilers

Biasi boilers are renowned for their reliability and efficiency in heating homes. They utilise advanced technology to maintain optimal performance, but like any mechanical system, they can encounter issues over time. Understanding biasi boiler fault codes is essential for timely intervention and repair.

Overview of Boiler Fault Codes

Boiler fault codes are alphanumeric signals indicating specific heating system issues. They serve as diagnostic tools, helping homeowners and technicians identify problems quickly. In Biasi boilers, fault codes appear on the digital display panel, accompanied by blinking lights or error messages.

ER 01 + Reset

Error code ER 01 indicates an ignition failure in the Biasi boiler. This means the boiler did not turn on after several attempts. Check the housing or condensate pipe for blockages, ensure adequate gas supply, and make sure all valves are open. To reset, press the indicated reset button on the boiler interface for approximately three seconds. If the issue persists, professional help is suggested.

ER 02 + Reset

ER 02 is an error code indicating a problem with the boiler’s heating circuit, indicating overheating. The cause could be a faulty pump, low water level, or air in the system. Ensure the pressure gauge reading is within the recommended range, and bleed the radiator if necessary. To reset it, after correcting any issues, press and hold the boiler reset button. If the error code repeats itself, the skills of a professional engineer may be needed to identify many heating elements.

ER 03 + Reset

This section provides insight into the ER 03 biasi boiler fault codes commonly encountered in Biasi boilers and outlines the steps to restore the boiler after troubleshooting.

ER 04 +

The ER 04 error code indicates a fan failure in the Biasi boiler. A malfunctioning fan interferes with the boiler’s ability to expel hazardous gases, providing a safety shutdown to prevent further accidents. To fix this, a Gas Safe technician should examine the fan and possibly replace it. After repair, the boiler can usually be reset following the manufacturer’s instructions, which usually involves holding the reset button for three seconds.

ER 05 +

If the ER 05 error code appears, the pump has a problem. The pump plays a vital role in circulating the hot water in the heating system. If the pump is faulty, it may be shut down to prevent damage to the boiler. A local mechanic can try to fix it, and he can repair or replace the pump. Once the correct repairs have been completed, the heating engineer will reset the boiler to return it to regular operation.

ER 06 +

The ER 06 error code alerts users to a burner ignition fault. This fault can be caused by many things, such as a clogged burner, damaged ignition leads, or issues with the boiler’s electrical connections. Qualified combustion engineers should troubleshoot it to find the exact cause and repair it. After repair, the boiler must be reset, which requires disconnecting the electrical supply to the boiler or resetting it manually according to the manufacturer’s advice.

ER 07 +

The ER 07 fault code in the Biasi boiler indicates a safety shutdown due to a failed combustion attempt. This requires immediate maintenance to ensure safe operation. Isolating the issue may reduce liability and get the boiler back in service, but if it continues to operate, a Gas Safe Engineer should be consulted.

ER 08 +

If an ER 08 fault is encountered, this usually indicates a problem with the boiler fan or flue, preventing the safe discharge of combustion air, homeowners should not attempt to repair these items themselves due to the dangerous work they do in the presence of.

ER 09 +

The ER 09 error code is usually generated when the boiler detects a water pressure error. Steps to fix this error include:

Checking the pressure gauge: Ensure it reads within the manufacturer’s recommended range.

Reboot the system: If the pressure is too low, this can sometimes fix the problem. Homeowners can consult the boiler manual for guidance on safely re-pressurising their system.

Timely action is required to successfully correct the ER 09 deficiency. Homeowners who cannot fix the problem themselves should seek professional help immediately to prevent further damage or issues.

ER 10 + Reset

The ER 10 biasi boiler fault codes on a Biasi boiler usually indicate a flue failure or a problem with the air pressure switch. This malfunction can cause the boiler to stop working as a safety measure to prevent any possible damage.

ER 12 +

The ER 12 fault code indicates that the diverter valve, which divides hot water between heating and domestic use, is not operating properly. Valves can get stuck or malfunction, and radiators or faucets often lack hot water.

Probable cause: Stuck diverter valve

Symptoms: Lack of hot water in radiator or faucets

Maintenance: Check the diverter valve for obstructions or signs of failure. A reset may temporarily fix the problem, but the valve usually needs to be cleaned or replaced to provide a long-term solution.

ER 13 +

Encountering an ER 13 biasi boiler fault code indicates a problem with the boiler’s flame detection. This can be caused by a faulty burner, a gas supply problem, or an improper connection between the printed circuit board (PCB).

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Inspect the burner for visible signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Ensure gas supply stability and availability.
  • Check the PCB for any error indications or signs of failure.

IMPORTANT: Although refitting a boiler can sometimes restore operation, it is important to address the cause immediately to ensure that the heating system will work efficiently and effectively.

ER + 14 +

Error ER + 14 indicates a pump error, which usually causes heating and radiator performance problems. This code specifies possible drainage problems, which must be corrected to restore the boiler to proper operation.

ER + 14 + Reset

An attempt should be made to initially reconfigure the system to deal with the ER + 14 error. A simple reset can usually eliminate transient errors. However, if the problem persists, it indicates a deeper circulatory system, perhaps a seized pump or a blockage.

ER + 19 +

The ER + 19 biasi boiler fault codes may indicate an error in the central heating temperature probe. It is a controller for the water temperature in the system. Failure of this detector results in an incorrect reading of the boiler central combustion temperature, resulting in inefficient combustion.

ER + 25 + Reset

Resetting it to ER + 25 can temporarily fix the error again. However, this particular code usually refers to more severe faults associated with the diverter valve—the main part that sends hot water to radiators or faucets. When the diverter valve is faulty, hot water is not distributed properly, affecting heat and domestic hot water supply. Gas valve faults can manifest in the same way, and the effect on burner ignition is a possible ringing noise indicating uneven gas flow.

ER + 69

ER69 fault codes on Biasi boilers indicate a problem with wiring or electronic components. This issue requires attention to specifics such as connections and circuitry to ensure the boiler’s reliable operation.

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Maintenance Tips to Prevent Fault Codes

Preventive maintenance plays a crucial role in extending the lifespan of your Biasi boiler and minimising the occurrence of fault codes. Regularly inspect and clean boiler components, such as burners, sensors, and valves. Additionally, schedule annual servicing by a professional technician to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Bottom line

Familiarising yourself with common Biasi boilers fault codes empowers you to address potential issues promptly and effectively. You can maintain a reliable heating system throughout the year by understanding the symptoms and causes and troubleshooting steps associated with each fault code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my Biasi boiler displays a fault code A10?

Fault code A10 typically indicates an issue with the ignition system. Start by checking the gas supply and cleaning the ignition electrode.

How can I resolve a fault code E01 on my Biasi boiler?

Fault code E01 suggests a low-pressure issue. Check the boiler’s pressure gauge and refill if necessary. Inspect for leaks in the system.

Why does my Biasi boiler show fault code E14?

Fault code E14 points to a problem with the flow temperature sensor. Inspect wiring connections and replace the sensor if needed.

When should I call a professional for Biasi boiler fault codes?

If you’re unsure about diagnosing or fixing a fault code, it’s best to contact a certified technician to avoid further complications.


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