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Does Great British Insulation Cover Cavity Wall Insulation?


Table of Contents The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) provides cavity wall insulation grants to cover the insulation costs for low income households thoroughly.  The goal of these wall insulation grants is to help low-income households and fuel-poor homes to become more energy efficient. This is in line with the UK’s big plans to have […]

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Worth It?


Table of Contents When you think about improving your home, you might ask if cavity wall insulation is worth it. Without a doubt, this method boosts your home’s warmth by filling the wall gap with insulating material. Moreover, it’s a smart move that can cut down your energy bills and help the environment. Insulating your […]

Does Cavity Wall Insulation Cause Damp

Does Cavity Wall Insulation Cause Damp

Table of Contents Adding cavity wall insulation (CWI) to a house is a common way to make it more energy efficient. The space between the walls is filled with padding. This padding mostly consists of mineral fibre, foam, or plastic beads. The material is injected through small holes from the outside wall. With all these […]

How Can I Tell If I Have Cavity Wall Insulation


Table of Contents There’s a huge discussion going around on cavity wall insulation and its effectiveness in preventing heat escape in winter. It appears at various online forums where you see comments like cavity wall insulation is an important feature in my home. It helps keep the house warm, reduces energy bills, and cuts down […]

Is Cavity Wall Insulation Safe For UK Homes?

Table of Contents Keeping homes warm without insulation is heavy on the pocket. Never having insulation before is a serious concern. There could be many reasons, including safety, costs, and effectiveness. When it comes to insulating a loft, questions arise. Do I need it? Is cavity wall insulation safe?  The answers to these concerns are […]

Can We Replace Cavity Wall Insulation?

Table of Contents Most houses built after the 1920’s have cavity wall insulation. It is essential for heat retention in winter and warm prevention in summer. Cavity wall insulation is pretty much self-explanatory in the cavity between walls. The question here arises, can we replace cavity wall insulation? Also, how long does cavity wall insulation […]

Can You Have Too Much Loft Insulation?

loft insulation United Kingdom

Table of Contents Can you have too much insulation in your loft? This is a question every homeowner is asking these days. But before you install the insulation, make sure there is enough ventilation. Usually, new houses already have good insulation. But even then you need to check the EPC rating to be sure. First, […]

How Does Cavity Wall Insulation Work?


Table of Contents Cavity wall insulation plays a key role in keeping the warm air inside and stops it from moving around the space between the walls. If you want to enjoy perfect warmth, your cavity walls must be insulated properly. Moreover, this besides saving you pounds and money on the heating costs, helps the […]

Why Does My Hot Water Keep Going Cold?


Table of Contents Are you frustrated because your hot water keeps going cold? Have you ever wondered why your shower goes hot and cold unexpectedly, making your bathing experience less than pleasant? It’s a common problem that many people face, leaving them puzzled and seeking answers. Let’s dive into the reasons behind these issues. From […]

Internal Wall Insulation Made Easy with GBIS


Table of Contents Insulating walls inside makes dwellings more energy efficient and prevents heat loss. Insulating the inside walls of a building saves money on energy costs, lowers carbon pollution, and raises comfort. This blog will explain about the benefits of insulating your walls from the inside and the government’s plan (GBIS) that lets anyone […]