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Energy Performance Certificate Calculator 2024


Polyurethane Foam and Its U-value Table of Contents In the United Kingdom, you will need an Energy Performance Certificate or EPC rating anytime you purchase, sell, or rent a home. This is a report card that shows how energy-efficient your household is. This helps you figure out how much it will cost to power the […]

What is SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) And How Does It Work?


Table of Contents SAP or the Standard Assessment Procedure is the UK government’s method for estimating the energy performance of new homes.  To build a house, it has to follow certain rules. Builders need a ‘pass’ on their SAP Calculations to meet these rules. If they don’t get a ‘pass,’ the building control won’t approve […]

EPC Rating and its Benefits: How and Why You Should Improve EPC Rating

How to Improve EPC Rating in 8 Easy Steps

Table of Contents If you are living in the UK and own a property, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate. The document entails the usage of energy and its cost along with recommendation on how to improve it.  The rating is given from A to G (“A” being the most energy efficient and […]

What is EPC Rating in UK and How to Improve EPC Rating?

Improving EPC rating in UK

Table of Contents EPC Rating in UK Overview  Whether you are selling your property in the UK or renting out your home, you need to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) to market your property. The purpose of the Energy Efficient Certificate is to determine whether the property comprises of energy-efficient heating system that ultimately […]